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Growth After Trauma or Loss Part 2

In a recent article on Post-Traumatic Growth I discussed the affect of trauma on personal growth. Outcomes of trauma include such things as deeper relationships, spiritual development, more personal strength, new opportunities, and a greater appreciation for life in general.  So how does that happen? Stages of Post-Traumatic Growth   Part 1: “Shattered” When tragedy […]

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Looking Motivated?

Does motivation have a “look”?  Do you find it in an intense gaze or an eager grin? Perhaps it looks like a stack of neatly color-coded “project files”.  Or a whiteboard with the chaotic scrawl of a genius in action. Imagine this: You walk into the living room and your shaggy-haired friend Steve is lounging […]

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Moneyball Changes the Game

This summer the movie “Moneyball” drew crowds of baseball fans and swooning Brad Pitt-ites alike, with impressive reviews and box-office success.  Moneyball is a change story with that irresistible theme of “one man against the system”.  In this movie Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) risks everything he has on a controversial approach to picking a baseball […]



Desire in Behavior Change

This is a guest post by Brenden Hanks, MD. “I want to change, but…” The phrase is said so often its meaning is almost lost, yet it speaks to the dilemma we often find ourselves in. We earnestly desire to improve our thoughts, actions, and minds but struggle to sustain any meaningful change. “You have […]


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Five Themes For Escaping Domestic Violence

Sometimes domestic violence or “Intimate partner violence” (IPV) seems like an unbeatable phenomenon.  Abused and abuser are bound together by a force stronger than pain or hope.  Police officers and social workers  are rendered powerless by this mysterious attachment.  Arrests and well-intended referrals end with a defense of the abuser and a return home.  It’s […]