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Growth After Trauma or Loss Part 2

In a recent article on Post-Traumatic Growth I discussed the affect of trauma on personal growth. Outcomes of trauma include such things as deeper relationships, spiritual development, more personal strength, new opportunities, and a greater appreciation for life in general.  So how does that happen? Stages of Post-Traumatic Growth   Part 1: “Shattered” When tragedy […]

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Image and Self-Image

The peculiar history of the Teddy Bear began with a hunting expedition involving President Theodore Roosevelt.  Roosevelt was well known for his success as a hunter, but happened to be failing at this widely publicized event.  Out of concern for his image, his guides actually captured a bear and tied it to a tree so […]

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There’s Something New Besides the Shoe

The heel of my shoe fell off today and at that moment I realized how the feeling of shame had changed in my life. Flashback to the fifth grade.  In an ever-present effort to live within a $600/month income, my parents discovered a way to buy cheaper tennis shoes than the Keds at K-Mart. They […]



Motivation is Always 100%

 It can be helpful to think of motivation is as a zero-sum game.  That is to say that we are always 100% motivated, no matter what we are doing.  The guy that is getting good grades in math is no more motivated than the guy living in his pajamas and playing video games all day.  […]


Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction: Self-Determination Theory Part 2

What are the biggest factors in job satisfaction?  Great pay, luxury, fun, prestige, job security, meaningful work, perhaps a job that serves a “higher purpose”?  According to motivation research, none of these are the ticket to an engaging and satisfying career. Researchers in self-determination theory (SDT) tell us that an activity motivates us if it […]