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Growth After Trauma or Loss Part 2

In a recent article on Post-Traumatic Growth I discussed the affect of trauma on personal growth. Outcomes of trauma include such things as deeper relationships, spiritual development, more personal strength, new opportunities, and a greater appreciation for life in general.  So how does that happen? Stages of Post-Traumatic Growth   Part 1: “Shattered” When tragedy […]

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There’s Something New Besides the Shoe

The heel of my shoe fell off today and at that moment I realized how the feeling of shame had changed in my life. Flashback to the fifth grade.  In an ever-present effort to live within a $600/month income, my parents discovered a way to buy cheaper tennis shoes than the Keds at K-Mart. They […]

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10 Things I Learned From the Holidays This Year

There’s ten things that I’ve learned from the holidays this year: Valentines Day – Put the one you love on your mind’s main stage and think about what would make them happy. Labor Day – Teamwork gets things done. Memorial Day – Remember that other people have made sacrifices for you – parents, friends, teachers, […]


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You Don’t Need More Motivation: Self-Determination Theory Part 1

A person can spend a lifetime trying to become “more motivated” without ever realizing that it’s not the amount of motivation that matters—it’s the type.  Usually when people talk about needing to be more motivated, they are talking about emotional motivation. Consider these statements:  “I feel so unmotivated right now.” “That speech was so motivating!” […]


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A Committee of Myself

The committee members are all assembled.  It’s Friday and the morning is leaning into the afternoon, the refuse of lengthy deliberations scattered around the room.  A decision has to be made.  As the chairperson, you make a final request for opinions on the issue at hand: will it be a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’? “It […]