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Growth After Trauma or Loss Part 2

In a recent article on Post-Traumatic Growth I discussed the affect of trauma on personal growth. Outcomes of trauma include such things as deeper relationships, spiritual development, more personal strength, new opportunities, and a greater appreciation for life in general.  So how does that happen? Stages of Post-Traumatic Growth   Part 1: “Shattered” When tragedy […]

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George Washington and bias

Decision Making and Bias: The George Washington Story Part 2

Facing their biases may probably be one of the hardest thing that a decision-maker or leader will ever have to do.  Facing our bias requires requires accepting a situation and the people involved “as-is”, without being distracted by what we expect want them to be.  The leader who believes that they have no bias is […]

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Gratitude is an action.

Thanksgiving is An Action

Gratitude is a skill.  Sure, on an easy day gratitude may come on it’s own, with no effort, but in harder times you’ve got to go looking for it.  The late comedian Mitch Hedberg commented that an escalator is never broken, it’s only “temporarily stairs”.  Gratitude is a lot like that.  A day is never […]



Desire in Behavior Change

This is a guest post by Brenden Hanks, MD. “I want to change, but…” The phrase is said so often its meaning is almost lost, yet it speaks to the dilemma we often find ourselves in. We earnestly desire to improve our thoughts, actions, and minds but struggle to sustain any meaningful change. “You have […]


older man making a decision

Do Older People Make Better Decisions?

Julie is facing a crossroads—it’s time to make a decision about her career and she’s not sure what to do. Her mind has raced through the options like a shopper on Black Sunday but she’s at the checkout line empty handed. Maybe she should ask her grandmother for advice…or should she? Most cultures have a […]