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Growth After Trauma or Loss Part 2

In a recent article on Post-Traumatic Growth I discussed the affect of trauma on personal growth. Outcomes of trauma include such things as deeper relationships, spiritual development, more personal strength, new opportunities, and a greater appreciation for life in general.  So how does that happen? Stages of Post-Traumatic Growth   Part 1: “Shattered” When tragedy […]

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Decision Making and Bias: The George Washington Story Part 2

Facing their biases may probably be one of the hardest thing that a decision-maker or leader will ever have to do.  Facing our bias requires requires accepting a situation and the people involved “as-is”, without being distracted by what we expect want them to be.  The leader who believes that they have no bias is […]

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10 Things I Learned From the Holidays This Year

There’s ten things that I’ve learned from the holidays this year: Valentines Day – Put the one you love on your mind’s main stage and think about what would make them happy. Labor Day – Teamwork gets things done. Memorial Day – Remember that other people have made sacrifices for you – parents, friends, teachers, […]


Motivation is not an emotion.

Motivation is Not an Emotion

Have you ever been excited about a clever new diet, only to have it fail?  Have you seen someone promise, through tears, that they would never drink again?  Or perhaps you’ve had a female friend that swears to you that she will never go back to that man that is hurting her?  It’s perplexing when […]


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The Courage to Risk Making a Bad Decision: The George Washington Story Part 1

What do you do when there’s only two choices and neither one is safe?  Or more bluntly, do I have the courage to make a bad decision? Indecisive could describe George Washington’s early military career. By all accounts he wasn’t sure he wanted the job in the first place.  Leading a largely untrained and undisciplined […]